• What is the difference between extra virgin coconut oil and standard coconut oil?

Extra virgin coconut oil is produced from fresh coconuts and is not exposed to excessive heat during processing. This means that the natural nutrients and aroma of the oil are preserved. Ordinary coconut oil is produced from dried copra and is deodorised, bleached and processed at high temperatures removing much of the goodness retained in extra virgin coconut oil.

  • What are your minimum order quantities?

Our minimum order quantities for our extra virgin coconut oil is 920kg (1 IBC container). Our minimum order quantity for our coconut flour and coconut cake high energy cattle feed is 1 ton. We do though recommend ordering in higher quantities to reduce the costs of shipping.

  • Will the products you deliver to us be certified organic by a recognized body?

Yes! Depending on where you are in the world we can either provide our products with EU, USDA or JAS organic certificates provide through Control Union.

  • I am based in Europe / America / South Africa / East Asia, what are your shipping times to these location?

Our shipping times to Europe are +-19 days, to America is +-21 days, South Africa is +- 14 days and East Asia is +- 25days.

  • What are the delivery and shipping options if we buy your products?

We can sell our products to you FOB Tema port or deliver to your port of choice CIF anywhere in the world or we can clear the goods at your port of choice and if required have them delivered direct to your warehouse. We will provide all these delivery options at cost.

  • What are your order terms and requirements?

For new customers, we require payment in full before shipping the goods. For our existing customers, we offer some flexibility.

  • What shelf life can you guarantee on your products at the time of shipping?

Our extra virgin coconut oil will be shipped with a minimum shelf life of 18 months, our coconut flour and coconut cake high energy cattle feed will be shipped with a minimum of 4 months shelf life.

  • We are currently buying extra virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka / Philippines / Indonesia, is Ghanaian extra virgin coconut oil the same?

Yes our oil is exactly the same in texture, aroma and analysis test results. This is because the same varieties of coconut are in Ghana as in these other countries.

  • Can you send us a sample of your products?

Yes get in touch and we can send you a free sample via DHL. We may request you pay the shipping cost on the sample.