All of our products are certified organic under EU, JAS & USDA standards. We also have our HACCP certification and Ghana FDA accreditation.  We can supply all of our products FOB to our local port of Tema or we can arrange the shipping for you to your port of choice or right to your warehouse door. Contact us to find out more.

Extra virgin coconut oil

Our extra virgin coconut oil is packed in easy to handle IBC containers. We can also pack in 200 litre drums.

  • Our extra virgin coconut oil is triple filtered to give a truly pure product devoid of sediments or impurities.
  • We process our coconuts at low temperatures to ensure the goodness of the oil remains intact and 100% as nature intended. Our cold pressed oil has a rich coconut aroma.
  • We guarantee that when we ship our oil to you it will have at least an 18-month remaining shelf life.

Coconut flour

Our coconut flour is packed in 25kg sacks with a pallet weight of 1 ton.

  • Dry and finely ground our coconut flour is a great alternative to traditional flours for use in snacks such as energy and cereal bars.
  • Our coconut flour is gluten free and organic. Its uses are growing every day as consumers are demanding healthier alternatives to traditional flours.
  • We guarantee our coconut flour will have at least a 4-month shelf life at the time of shipping.

Hi energy cattle feed

Our coconut cake cattle feed is a serious competitor to palm kernel derivative feeds having many of the same qualities and characteristics.  The feed is well suited to the intensive dairy industry providing high energy and palatability.

  • Our coconut cake has an ME value of over 30 MJ/Kg.
  • Trials on intensive dairy cows being fed coconut cake have shown the cows to have an increased fertility and daily live weight gain after calving.
  • Feeding coconut cake can increase the palatability of a TMR ration helping the cows to consume more energy per day.